Interview With Erez Marom

Born and raised in Israel, Erez Marom has followed his dream to become a pro photographer and, so far, this dream is becoming a fast paced reality. When he is not keeping company with tiny creatures, he is on location shooting landscape pictures

In 2008, after almost 20 years as a musician, a Master's degree in engineering and thoughts of an academic career, you decided to try digital nature photography and especially macro, why?

I have always had a variety of interests. I see myself as someone who sees beauty in many aspects of life, and I tend to see connections between my different interests.

I began playing music when I was nine years old, pushed by my parents to pursue any artistic tendency. Music had been a main interest of mine in the next two decades, until the loss of a close friend made me more and more detached from the musical world, eventually giving it up. I will someday return to music perhaps, but I can’t see that happening right now, especially with photography occupying such a large part of my life.

As to an academic career – upon starting to study for my Bachelor’s engineering degree, I discovered a deep fondness for maths, and continued pursuing that for the next few years. The next step after finishing my M.Sc. was a PHD, but I just wasn’t sure about that. Going for an academic career is something you should pursue with all your heart and soul, and mine were not all there. I took a break from research, continuing to lecture in Tel Aviv University, but eventually realised that this was not the life for me.

All this happened parallel to the rise of my love for photography. After finishing my Master’s in 2007, I spent a few months working for a high-tech firm in Israel, which was exceptionally boring. I felt I needed food for thought, something to give me a renewed interest in life. Around that time, completely by accident, I found an Israeli online forum with some macro images. I was completely astounded by what was possible with a DSLR and a macro lens, and I felt the urge to shoot images like this myself. I quickly bought a camera and lens, and the rest, as they say, is history. Shooting insects and nature made me feel closer to the natural world. I started learning about ...

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