How To Use Facebook / G+ / Twitter Part 2

Facebook, G+, Twitter. How much do we know about social media? Is it of any use to us or, as some refer to, is it a pain in the neck? In this 2 part series, Sharon White will explain all we need to know about these social media giants. This is part 2 of the series

Why Social Media?

If you are wondering if social media marketing is right for your business, the answer is a big YES. Social media is a great way to attract new customers and drive repeat business. Social media is changing the way people connect with each other.

If you want to spread the word about your news, or build new relationships, the best thing you can do is to tell people what you do. The best way to do this online is to build a community. The virtual world is similar to ‘the real world’, and the more people that know, talk and trust us the more people will be interested in what we have to offer. As you would network in the real world, you have to network in the same way by using social media.

In the real (physical) world we can only speak to a few people at a time. There is no limit to how many people we can speak to if we use the web correctly. Social media is the best way to get what you do ‘out there’ faster, as we all know how viral the web can be whereby you can connect to many people at the same time.

Are All Social Media Sites The Same?

The answer to this question is no. Every social media site works differently. Each has...

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