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How To Kick-Start Your Creativity

At one time or another, all photographers end up in the photographic doldrums, feeling unmotivated and frustrated; perhaps stuck in a rut, feeling that we are just covering the same old ground and not creating anything new or worthwhile. Mark Bauer shares his thoughts on this ‘painful’ subject

I certainly found myself in the situation described above last year, when there was a rare spell of decent weather, and I let the opportunity pass by, partly because I was struggling to think of locations that I had not photographed to death, and partly because I just did not feel like taking any pictures, even though I felt I ought to be out making the most of the light. Basically, I was feeling somewhat burned out, having done a number of workshops and quite a lot of...

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Mark Bauer

Mark Bauer is one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers with work published worldwide. He is the author of 3 books, including ‘The Landscape Photography Workshop’ (with Ross Hoddinott).

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