Gear Test: Hiking Boots

Any serious photographer knows the importance of comfortable footwear, whether hiking deep into the wilderness, trudging over boggy terrain, standing in a stream for hours on end, or just hanging around in the cold waiting for the light. This is a guide to picking the right hiking boot, from some of the terminology to real boots tested for you in the field.

Long gone are the days when a walking boot felt like a block of lead strapped to your foot, when you used to rub in saddle soap to soften leather and your feet still blistered until the day before the boot fell apart when they were declared "the most comfortable boot ever"! In today's world the choice of boot and the terminology that accompanies them are endless, with an option for almost every weather and terrain condition you are ever likely to meet. In this guide we will help you to make an informed decision as to your needs when you enter the shop instead of relying entirely on a shop assistant for advice.

The first thing we strongly recommend is that you...

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Based in the Galloway Hills in rural southwest Scotland, photographers Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson have been working collaboratively for six years capturing the beauty of the natural world in their striking and evocative photographic images.

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