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Ultra wide angle lenses are superb for capturing grand and impressive vistas. However, as Dimitri Vasileiou questions, do they really help you to refine and develop your vision as a landscape photographer and allow you to see the smaller picture?

In this day and age of fast paced and highly active lives, everyone it seems owns a digital camera and everyone wants to be a photographer. Let’s face it, the cost of taking pictures these days is very small (after the initial expense of buying the equipment); the costly film-processing days are gone. However, a serious problem arises from all this. We are made to believe by the advertisements we see from the major brands that, with all this technology at our disposal, everything will fall into place and our pictures will look stunning.

So, imagine the scenario: every newly inspired landscape photographer, well equipped and armed with a variety of gadgets, is on location, waiting for the “right” light, as it is well known. When the time comes, the pictures are taken and there is a rush home to see the results, only to find out that those pictures do not look as good as the ones in the photographic magazines.

What now? What went wrong? After all, that lovely ultra wide angle lens was used which captured as much of the scene as possible, including that glorious sky. Actually, this is where the problem starts most of the time. Lack of ...

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Dimitri Vasileiou is a highly acclaimed landscape photographer, writer and photographic workshop leader. A professional photographer for several years, he was born in Greece and currently resides in Scotland.

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