Chile, Land of Dreams

In this month’s article, Boris Mar travels to a different continent, South America. He begins his journey in Chile, photographing this vast country’s impressive landscapes, and, in the next 3 articles, will be documenting his photographic journey through Chile, Bolivia and Peru

So begins a new adventure; a new continent; a new country. It is a long, 17 hours’ flight from Melbourne to Santiago in Chile; the ideal time to sort, name and tag the last batch of my countless images taken during my 6 months’ journey through Australia photographing some amazing places. However, all this is in vain if I do not establish a disciplined and structured way of archiving my images; otherwise, in a couple of years from now I could find myself spending hours trying to locate a specific image in the files. There is a variety of software which can be used as a database for your images (next to being photo-editing programs). I know, we all love being out and about taking stunning images, but, no matter how annoying the task is, it is imperative to...

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