Book Review: The Long Journey North

Danny Green's long-awaited first book has been some eight years in the making, and the simple question is, has it been worth the wait? Mark Sisson has watched the book develop and adds his thoughts

Every so often a much-anticipated and occasionally long-awaited book appears on the market, and Danny Green’s ‘The Long Journey North’ is one such publication. It is the first book by one of the UK’s leading exponents of the art of wildlife photography and, as Danny himself confirms in his highly personable copy, it has been eight years in the making: a task that, in this age of instant success, immediately achieved image expectations and increasingly low boredom thresholds, is one to be admired for its focus and dedication alone.

The end result is well worth all the endeavour that the project has required, and, as someone who works closely with Danny, has accompanied him on a number of the legs of the journey and had countless discussions with him over the years about whether he really needed just that last subject or location to complete the tale, I can assure you that, indeed, the endeavours have been..

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