Book Review: The Image Of Nature

Mark Sisson reviews Belgian photographer Wouter Pattyn’s first book The Image of Nature. A collection of images that clearly come from the heart as well as exhibiting a strong technical and creative ability

Publishing your first book is always an emotional journey. What starts out as an exciting idea becomes more akin to a rollercoaster ride than you could possibly have dreamed of. An initial selection of images soon feels like not quite enough, resulting in a quest for more to fill certain self-perceived gaps. When it then comes to making some final choices, they end up being far too many and the painful process of leaving out pictures you love begins. Alongside the images comes the search for the best way to accompany them with text and present them in an orderly manner – the proverbial hook on which they must hang inside the cover: and which image to place on there is another long and painful decision-making process too.

As I read Wouter Pattyn’s The Image of Nature, his first foray down this particular path, it became clear to someone who has trodden this path themselves just what a...

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