Book Review: Ireland’s Coast

This book appears to cover both coffee table and portfolio genres. But, can such a book appeal both to landscape photographers and to the general public? David Hay has the review

Coffee table book or photographic portfolio? There are two types of book in this geographic genre. The first is designed to appeal to a wide range of buyers who want a souvenir of their visit to a particular place, and the second is aimed at photographers who want to own a collection of the photographer’s work. Most books about an area of a country comprise mainly stock images, some quite old, along with some general text. Portfolio books contain higher quality images, usually by one individual. This book lies in the second category although it has elements of the first category as well.

I had not come across the work of Carsten Krieger before but, obviously, he is a very competent photographer; his work has a contemporary digital feel to it. Reproduction generally is of good quality, although the review copy had some print defects, most notably on page 104. The print register was slightly visible when the images were viewed close up.

Geographical Coverage
The whole of the island of Ireland is covered, both north and south. Research on the internet into the photographer, Carsten Krieger, revealed that his original intention was to create a book like Scotland’s Coast by Joe Cornish. However, the book contract required him to ...

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