Beach Huts Of Boulogne

The ubiquitous beach hut is a largely forgettable feature of many coastal ports and resorts. But not in Boulogne, where Keith Wilson finds rows of these sun-baked structures decorated in scenes of seaside whimsy

In this age of ever increasing air travel, bigger passenger jets and multi-runway airports, I consider myself fortunate that my first glimpse of the UK was not the approach to the runway at London’s Heathrow airport, but the creamy chalk escarpments of the White Cliffs of Dover, viewed from the deck of a ship. I was a foot passenger on one of the ferries that criss-crossed the English Channel between Dover and Calais dozens of times each day. This was long before the completion of the Channel Tunnel, but even now I prefer taking the ferry to France than speeding through a dark concrete tube.

For me, making the 90-minute ferry crossing is a far richer travel experience. On deck you can take in the sea air, feel the wind in your hair and sun on your skin as you watch the cliffs recede in the distance and look for the first smudge of French coastline on a...

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Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson is the founder of both Outdoor Photography and Black + White Photography magazines and former editor of Amateur Photographer. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and on-line tutor in travel photography at My Photo School.

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