A Journey Through Infrared

If life is a journey, Susan Furber seems to have broken it down into ‘chunks’, like a true Project Manager. The current chunk for her is an exploration of infrared photography. She has started to eat, drink and see in infrared

Having spent the last few years developing my photographic techniques, the lure of infrared has been in the background, but recently I started on this new journey, using what I have learnt and applying it to the unusual area of infrared photography.

Find a Mentor

In many ways I underestimated how important this can be. Inspiration, guidance, ideas, and help, will be needed along the way. More importantly, a mentor provides that voice in your head to encourage and keep you going forward when you wonder whether you have what it takes. There are some good on-line resources to guide you with infrared, as well as Mark’s article in this issue, but nothing quite...

Read this article, and many more, in High Definition, inside Issue 31 of Landscape Photography Magazine.

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