A Guide To Photographing Glaciers

Carl Battreall is a keen mountain and glacier explorer with over twenty years’ experience. In this article he shares his passion and knowledge of photographing glaciers and remaining safe while exploring them

When I was twenty-six, I signed up for a course on glacier travel and crevasse rescue. I was an aspiring alpinist and, like most beginners, was terrified by the idea of falling into a hidden crevasse. As we travelled up the flanks of California's Mount Shasta, I was both frightened and excited. When finally we reached the Hotlum Glacier and began exploring, my fear vanished quickly, replaced by complete amazement. The sounds, shapes and color of the glacier were mesmerizing. My dreams of mountain summits faded but my obsession with glaciers grew and I am amazed still and in awe of them, just like...

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    Glaciers are an extraordinary natural phenomenon but they can also be an extremely perilous hazard as well. I don’t imagine I’ll be taking photos of glaciers anytime soon, no matter how beautiful and captivating they are. I’d rather leave that job to the truly brave. 🙂

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