Winter Sun, Blinding Ice

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"In a new series of articles exploring the relationship between landscape and travel photography, award-winning magazine editor, author and photographer, Keith Wilson recalls the travel tales behind some of his favourite landscape images"

The well-known saying, “travel broadens the mind”, applies as much to landscape photographers as to any other group of creative individuals. Travel broadens our landscape possibilities and ensures we encounter a variety of cultures, languages and civilisations along the way. And yet, whether setting up tripods in Torridon or Tibet, it is the depiction of landscape as a primeval wilderness untouched by modern civilisation that most photographers strive to compose through the lens. We are at pains to crop out the distant fence-line and foreground road sign, and curse the fellow traveller who wanders into frame as we are about to press the shutter.

Like so many photographers, I have attempted to project the landscape as a study of nature’s form and force, but I believe also that the impact and context of a location can be enhanced by...

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