Welcome to the new look LPM

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Hello everyone

The new site has been launched with new features to give quick access to the magazine you love.

New member bar to give you quick sign in to the site.

New user bar for LPM

New features include your profile page and a link to the latest issue, no matter where you are on the site. Logging in will now take you back to your previous page, where previously it always took you back to the home page.

Non-signed in members can also gain quick access to the magazine preview with the new sidebar area link.

The new Comments design for LPM.

The new comments design for LPM.

Of course major changes like this won't be without their issues, so if you spot anything wrong with the site whilst we're still working on it, grab a quick screen shot and let us know what Operating System and browser you're using and we'll look into it.

If you have any feedback about the new site then please let us know; the new site has taken in previous feedback and we are going to be implementing new features over the coming months.


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  1. Just thought I’d mention that you used ‘simplistic’ in your email describing you new layout. I think ‘simple’ would have worked better.

    I like it though.

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