The Kimberley, Australia

In this month’s article Boris Mar will venture through Australia’s unknown frontier: The Kimberley.  A spectacular journey through one of Australia’s least explored areas and a real gem of this Continent.

The Kimberley is a remote region consisting of ancient, steep-sided mountain ranges that have been weathered away creating steep ridges and gorges. Although none of the mountains reaches even 1,000 metres (3,281 ft.), it is not easy to traverse, especially during the wet season. If you want to experience its natural features, you need to head off the beaten track, which requires experience and a sturdy well equipped 4 wheel drive vehicle.  You also need to be self-sufficient for several weeks as it is hard to get fuel or groceries around here. The tropical monsoon climate of The Kimberley receives about 90% of its rainfall during November to April. This makes the region simply inaccessible during the wet season, where cyclones are common and rivers flood.  I have planned my trip so I arrive in The Kimberley shortly after the dry season has started.  The reason is simple; everything is still reasonably green and more importantly, all the rivers and...

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    Sylvia Jordan on

    Very nice! I’m planning to have a kimberley trip myself this summer, and I can’t wait to explore Australia’s wilderness.

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