Tasmania, Landscape Photographer’s Heaven

After 14 days of trying to capture that unique image on the Cook Islands, it was time for my next destination, Tasmania; to put away the sunscreen, sandals and swimsuits and pack instead thermals, sturdy hiking boots and protein bars. Going off the beaten track in Tasmania is not advisable for the unfit or inexperienced.

Tasmania is a pristine, unspoiled island, located in the Bass Strait between the Australian mainland and Antarctica. This is the 26th largest island in the world and no less than 37% of it is protected, being either in a reserve, a national park or a World Heritage Site. Tasmania has it all; snowy mountain peaks, lush rain forests, white sandy beaches with tranquil blue water, rough dramatic coastlines: in fact, a landscape photographer’s dream. However, this comes at a price. Most of its stunning natural features are difficult to reach. It requires well-equipped four-wheel-drive vehicles or long and very challenging...

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    Michael Ten on

    Wow! What a nice picture. Heaven surely can perhaps be right here on Earth! Thanks for posting this. I will have to go to Tasmania someday. That would be quite an adventure!

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