Stop Looking And Start Seeing

"Having the ability to adapt to a situation, delivers stunning results. Stop looking for that visualised picture and start seeing the ones available, sooner or later you will have mastered photography as Simon Watkinson explains"

Although many professional photographers would have it that their great shots are achieved intentionally, setting out to take a specific shot normally results in failure. It is their ability to adapt to a situation that makes them good at producing consistently great shots. Often the visions that we have in our minds are not converted into what we see on paper (or computer screen) and result only in disappointment. So, setting out with the best made plans and the best intentions will not make you a great photographer, but having the ability to adapt to a situation will.

What do I mean by the heading “stop looking and start seeing”? Well, with practice, pictures will appear in time. Let me give you an example: a musician will spend hours a day practising scales to reach perfection; you must do the same to start seeing. At first the musician will struggle, as what he is doing is unfamiliar, but after time the scales he is playing become second nature. After much time and practice he will incorporate his...

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Simon Watkinson

Internationally renowned photographer Simon Watkinson ABIPP has had over 25 years of experience in professional Photography and was one of the pioneers of the digital age.

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