Only Frozen Water

Jonathan Chritchley is in East Greenland for a second time, hoping weather conditions will be more favourable than before and allowing him enough time for photography. Was this going to be the case? Here is his story.

The helicopter soared majestically over the Denmark Strait, dipping slightly to the left and in doing so giving me an incredible, uninterrupted view of one of the most amazing phenomena I have ever witnessed: as far as the eye could see, stretching to the distant horizon, were icebergs; thousands of them, all shapes and sizes, some the size of a family car, others as large as office blocks, pure white in the sunshine of that July afternoon. I felt myself relax slightly, for this was why I had travelled here to East Greenland, to photograph these monolithic ice sculptures. This time, it seemed, it would be OK. I had come here the year before, to this very same place, with the very same...

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