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Mastering The Canon 1DX AF System

Canon has provided a richly-illustrated guidebook on the new 61-point High Density Reticular AF system found in both the EOS-1D X and EOS 5D Mark III* cameras.

This guide offers a wealth of information about different possible settings and when to apply them. It explores the basic characteristics of the new AF system, shows the differences that occur when various lenses are mounted, and even gives suggestions for instantly changing from one AF point or AF area mode to another.

Canon's free download opens the door to the potential that exists within this spectacular 61-point AF system, and we encourage anyone interested in these new cameras to take advantage of this great resource.

* Since the EOS 5D Mark III shares nearly all aspects of its AF system with the EOS-1D X, this guide is equally useful for that camera, as well.

Download here


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