LPM Manfrotto Competition Winner • Theme Autumn

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Hello everyone

We have now finally chosen the winner of the LPM / Manfrotto competition for the month of November 2012 with theme "Autumn Images".

We asked you to surprise us with images that are fresh, imaginative, creative and inspirational, and you certainly did. We received countless of stunning images which to be honest, made our selection a complete nightmare; we had a tough time selecting the Top 20.

And the winner is... Chris Tennant

Chris Tennant's image ticked all the boxes for us. What we usually look in an image is that it has to make an impression and this one had a long lasting one. No matter how many times we viewed it, the image was still impressing all of us. well done Chris and to all who submitted.

Now, don't forget that our December competition has already started, the theme is "Winter Scenes". Start uploading your images now, click here to be transferred.


All images in the gallery have been added in no specific order apart from the first three, these are the top 3 in our final selection.

Hover your mouse over the thumbnails to view the photographers' names.

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