Interview With David Thompson

David Thompson loves the outdoors and enjoys taking pictures. His goal as a photographer is to capture those intimate moments when gazing into a sunrise or sunset. He wants people to appreciate the natural beauty of this world, then take them visually into the unknown through his images

Would you give up your day job and take photography as a means of earning your living, or would that affect your photography in a way that it would spoil the pleasure of doing photography in the first place?

NO ... I wouldn't give up my day job and take up photography as my means of earning a living. I love photography, but for it to be a full time job would completely take away the fun and excitement of getting and capturing the image. I just wouldn't want the pressure of completing assignments and stuff. Now………if I were offered a job by National Geographic, that would be a different story.

Can you tell us a few things about your gear and why you chose them?

A. I shoot all Canon. I use the Canon 5D Mark II body. My lens set up is the Canon 17-40mm L, 24-105mm L and the 70-200mm f/4 non IS L. I have a set of Lee soft edge graduated neutral density filters, along with the Lee Big Stopper. I also use Singh Ray 3 stop hard graduated neutral density filter, and the Singh Ray 3 stop Reverse grad. I use the Hoya HD polarizer. I choose Canon gear because I was already familiar with there cameras. They were easy to learn and use so I've always stuck with them. The L series glass is great. I have no problems with the lens set up I have. The lens that I use cover all the focal lengths that I shoot at. The filters are a must for me. I try to get all my exposures as close as possible in the field.

Like almost every photographer, you must have a favourite image. Tell us a little bit about it, all the details and especially the why.

One image that really stands out in my mind is the Power of Light image. This was a shot that I had wanted for sometime. I had only seen a few shots of this particular lone tree in the Palouse in eastern Washington. I wanted to capture a the warm morning side light illuminating the tree. We were blessed with some nice morning light already with nice colorful pinks in the sky that morning, but then to turn around and 30 minuets later and get to the tree with a full blast of golden light was so awesome! It was literally the ...

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