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It is a sign of the times that more people than ever are trying to express themselves creatively and digital photography is an intrinsic part of this impulse.  Today’s cameras are more accessible than their film-based precursors and  advancements in technology have made shooting well-exposed and sharp images more likely, however it does not make it any easier to create great photographs.

Digital cameras can create bad habits.  Each image is so ephemeral that it can be deleted at the touch of a button.  This encourages the taking of more and more images, making it the perfect medium for an age that obsessively documents the minutiae of each experience.  However, this scatter-gun approach distracts attention away from the business of creating meaningful photographs which, more often than not, take time to make.  Admittedly with my first digital camera the urge to take photographs was somewhat compulsive, however the novelty wore off eventually and...

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Fran Halsall

Fran Halsall has worked as a professional photographer and writer for nearly 7 years, taking as her inspiration the wild landscapes, diverse geology and different habitats of the British Isles.

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