In Conversation… Jonathan Chritchley

"Born in London, England, Jonathan Chritchley moved to the coast of south west France in 1998, and spends much of his time travelling to some of the best water locations in the world working in and around the ocean to create his trademark dramatic, ethereal images. 

Jonathan’s work is seen around the world in exhibitions, galleries, home decor stores, magazines and books, and form part of many fine art collections internationally. He also writes for many different photography magazines and talks and presents his work at photography and sailing events worldwide. Here is his story"

LPM: The first thing one notices when visiting your website is your love for the sea. In fact, as you say, you are infatuated with it. Please explain your relationship with the sea and how it all started.

JC: I have loved the sea for as long as I can remember, and although I grew up in the county of Surrey in England which is a long way from the coast, I remember spending a great deal of time in and around the sea on family holidays. I moved to the Hampshire sailing town of Lymington, funnily enough where Ben Ainsley now lives, when I was 14, and the full time love affair with all things nautical started...

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