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In Conversation… Guy Tal

Guy Tal is a young, very inspiring and highly talented American landscape photographer. Since his young days, Guy was reading about the Colorado Plateau, wishing that one day he will manage to visit the place. This is the place he now lives and also the place that inspires him the most. We believe that Guy’s images will inspire many generations of landscape photographers in the years to come.

LPM: Most photographers have a  moment where everything comes clear and that moment could change the way we see photography. Have you had such moment and how did it affect your style?

GT: I’m lucky to have had many such moments. In fact, I think all artists should train themselves to experience things with such clarity on a regular basis since these are the times when creativity peaks and the resulting works are far more meaningful. Still, there is one moment that did more to define my work (and me) than any other. This was the first time I visited the Colorado Plateau, where I live today. It is a place like no other: wild, beautiful and inspiring. I remember reading about it in my youth, always wishing to visit some day. Little did I know that it would...

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