Gear Test Canon 5D Mk III

Gear Test Canon 5D Mk III, the long awaited upgrade

This long awaited camera has finally arrived and is here to stay. However, does it deliver what was expected by many landscape photographers? Mark Bauer took it out for a spin and put it under pressure for 3 weeks, here are his thoughts.


Sometimes, you just have to feel sorry for people, even if those people are within a multi-national corporation. Earlier this year, when the long-awaited 5D Mk III was announced, I found myself feeling a little sorry for Canon. They had accomplished exactly what manufacturers are supposed to do; listen to user feedback and act on it. That feedback was essentially, “we do not want any more resolution, but we really need better autofocus, improved build quality and weather sealing, and a faster frame rate". With the 5D Mk III, Canon has provided that, and far, far more, and then, when it was released, the internet forums were overflowing with people saying, "..... but we really wanted more megapixels".

The problem for Canon, of course, was that Nikon had just released the 36 megapixel D800, and expectations changed. Suddenly, a large number of photographers, landscape specialists in particular, were wowed by the pixel count, and were expecting Canon to follow a similar path.

And, I have to confess, that when I first read the summary specifications on the press release, I found myself feeling a little underwhelmed. Whilst the 5D Mk III seemed like a great camera for wedding photographers and photojournalists, to the landscape photographer, it appeared to offer little advantage over the 5D Mk II.

So, the question is, has three weeks of shooting with the camera done anything to change my mind?

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Mark Bauer

Mark Bauer is one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers with work published worldwide. He is the author of 3 books, including ‘The Landscape Photography Workshop’ (with Ross Hoddinott).

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  1. Mike Bell

    I’ve had my 5D Mk3 almost 6 months now and my wife now uses my old 5D Mk2, so there have been plenty of opportunities for casual comparisons. I agree with Mark that there initially seemed to be no major advantage for tripod-based landscape work. A bigger LCD and some very welcome weather sealing seemed just about to cover it. The big improvements were more related to other types of photography. Recently my 5D3 performed superbly at an orchestral concert, focussing quickly and accurately in low light and giving me crisp clean files even at ISO 2500. I’m beginning to appreciate subtle improvements in the RAW files from my landscape images as well, especially the preservation of detail in the shadows that Mark mentions. An excellent review.

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