eBook Review: William Neill

Just as music downloads have revolutionised the music industry, e-books are having the same impact on the book publishing industry and can now be distributed at lower cost almost instantly. It is all very well reading a holiday novel on your Kindle, but will photography books be attractive in the e-book format?

There is pleasure to be had in feeling the weight of a printed page and marvelling at the print quality in an impressive book on photography, but, with the advent of high resolution screens, such as the new Retina display from Apple, photographic books can now look very good onscreen as well. You can appreciate the detail and the quality of the original photographs.

William Neill is one of the greatest American landscape photographers. I have long been an admirer of his work and have spoken about him and his work already in my article ‘Moving On’ in LPM Issue 12.

These four e-books include volumes published originally as...

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