Crossing The Australian Continent

"In last month’s article, Boris Mar spent a month photographing Tasmania, a natural haven between the Australian continent and Antarctica. In this month’s article he is on a one-month journey crossing the Australian continent from east to west, through the states of Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia"

East to West

When it comes to distances, it does not get a lot more extreme than the journey on which I’m about to embark.  It will make Tasmania look like a walk in the park.  The 3,500 kilometres’ (2,200 miles’) drive is like driving from London to Moscow, and even then covering only three-quarters of the way.  Departing from Melbourne, Victoria, I shall be crossing the state of Victoria to South Australia, and eventually into the massive state of Western Australia.

My 4 wheel drive vehicle and off-road camper was put to the test in Tasmania and performed as expected.  I feel confident I can address this new, tougher challenge.  Mechanical failures along this trip can be devastating and life threatening.  Driving over deserted roads can be dangerous, as you are reliant fully on your vehicle’s condition and equipment.  You could end up being stuck for a long time.  The off-road camper is designed to go anywhere a 4WD vehicle can access.  It has an independent and elevated suspension for corrugated roads and river crossings, durable components to cope with the harsh Australian conditions, and is made completely from fiberglass for weight reduction.  Australian desert roads and tracks really are unforgiving!  You have to be...

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