Book Review: POTY 5

Now in its fifth year, this landscape photography competition was started by Charlie Waite to promote British landscape photography, and the winning photographs are presented each year in a book published by the AA.  A top prize of £10,000 ensures entries from most of the best British landscape photographers.

The latest version, Collection 5, contains four different categories of photos:

“Classic View” is for traditional countryside landscape photographs.

“Living the View” contains images of people interacting with the landscape.

“Urban View” is for town and cityscapes.

“Your View” is for more personal and creative pictures of the landscape.

The entries are pre-selected initially by a panel of four professional photographers and then the successful ones are passed to a panel of eight judges. It seems to be necessary these days to include a celebrity on every panel but I should prefer to see the work judged only by expert photographers.

Each category has an adult and youth class, but the number of youth images shown is very low and the published images were mainly quite weak. Where are the next generation of landscape photographers going to come from? Unlike wildlife photography, where the juvenile categories can contain stunning work, such as that of Fergus Gill, landscape photography doesn’t seem to hold...

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