Book Review: Joe Cornish, A Photographer At Work

"Joe Cornish is one of the foremost British landscape photographers and Eddie Ephraums is one of the best book producers, so, surely, this book must be a great addition to any landscape photography library, right?"

I have a copy of ‘Scotland’s Coast’ by Joe Cornish. It is packed with outstanding landscape photographs of an area that I love. Unlike most amateur photographers, who can visit locations repeatedly until the light is perfect, Joe travelled around the Scottish coast and had to make photographs of all of the locations in sometimes less than ideal light. The fact that he pulled this off is measure of his tenacity and skill.

Eddie Ephraums was responsible for editing two of my all-time favourite landscape photography books ‘Working the Light’ and Developing Vision and Style’. I return repeatedly to both books for inspiration. They contain a combination of great photography and skilful critiques of the images. So, I approached this new book with anticipation.

The first thing to note is that, in a 141 page book, there are only...

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