Better Things Come To Those Who Wait

Waiting a little bit longer or even revisiting a location can make a huge difference in landscape photography. Everything depends on light and, some times, quality light is worth waiting for; Fran Halsall explains

It is repeated so often that, to talk about ‘timing being everything’ in photography, now seems like a cliché. However, this proverbial phrase never has been more relevant. Being a keen observer of other photographers at work, I wonder what exactly it is that these individuals are up to as the shutter goes every couple of minutes. This is a sure sign of doing and not thinking and is a tendency exacerbated by the perceived disposability of digital photographs. As the years have gone on I shoot less and give more time to thinking about the ‘perfect’ image. Whole days can be spent out in the field making observations and not photographing anything, usually because the light is not quite right, or taking one or two reference shots that serve as sketches for future images.  While this approach may be anathema to the reportage or social photographer, I believe it is essential to...

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Fran Halsall

Fran Halsall has worked as a professional photographer and writer for nearly 7 years, taking as her inspiration the wild landscapes, diverse geology and different habitats of the British Isles.

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