Australia’s Pristine Southwest

"In last month’s article Boris Mar embarked on a 1 month trip crossing the Australian continent from east to west.  An immense undertaking, 3,500 km (2,200 miles) of deserted tracks along Australia’s Outback.  This month, Boris is exploring Australia’s pristine south west, a hidden gem boasting some of Australia’s most spectacular scenery"

People often seek my advice on the indisputable places they should visit when planning a holiday to Australia. This is a difficult question because Australia is a huge continent.  Everybody has Victoria, Sydney, the Red Centre and sunny Queensland in mind, which   are beautiful, but, if you want to get a taste of Australia during a short 3 weeks’ holiday, visit Australia’s south west.  It has it all: travel times are acceptable, and all within reach are desert landscapes, secluded white beaches and jurassic forests.


After leaving Perth, the capital city in Western Australia, I head towards Nambung National Park, otherwise known as The Pinnacles.  It is a bizarre desert landscape, with the ancient limestone pillars of the Pinnacles scattered over a vast area.  Reaching up to four metres in height, scientists still have not reached a consensus on how they were formed; it is one of earth’s few remaining unsolved geological mysteries.  For the next four days I am meandering between these limestone formations, scouting for an exceptional composition. It is tempting to settle for a straightforward one, but I am looking for something different, something striking. Lines that lead into an image can deliver extra punch, and in a sandy desert it should not be too difficult to find ripples of sand. Unfortunately...

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