Antarctica is a wonderful continent and one of the only places on this planet where nature truly feels untouched. The remoteness of the region makes getting there a challenge and that really keeps the tourists and world population away. I traveled there on a large cruise ship and for the entire time I saw only two other vessels. This truly is an amazing world in its own right.

My three-week journey starts as I leave my home, heading to the airport accompanied by my wonderful family. Everyone gets a hug and kiss and my daughter has a sneaky look on her face. Within a few minutes of them leaving, I realize that she has appropriated my favorite flavor of potato chips (Ruffles sour cream and cheddar if anyone needs Christmas ideas). After many hours I land in Buenos Aires and pay the stupid “tourist tax”, which is $140 for US citizens but much less for other countries (something political there maybe)? I have my first meal in Argentina, lamb kebab and wine for breakfast! What a wonderful idea, much better than eggs, so why don’t we do this at home? I love traveling to foreign countries and seeing how the cultures work. The most surprising thing I noticed at this airport was...

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