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A Guide To: Stunning Spring Images

"Starting in this issue, this is a new series of technical articles full of tips, advice and techniques. The aim of this series is to inform, educate and inspire all of us interested in landscape photography"

Winter months are a blessing for landscape photographers. The sun stays low on the horizon, bathing the land with a constantly warm, ethereal light for most of the day. Ice, snow and cold, provide fundamental elements that can flood a landscape photographer’s senses and revive his/her creativity.

Most of us at some time have been on location before first light on a cold winter’s morning, struggling to keep our fingers and toes warm and then enjoying a warm cup from the flask. The kind of experience we absorb from this sort of winter photography is awe inspiring and highly rewarding.

However, regardless of how much landscape photographers love winter, there comes a point when we have had enough of it, especially those who live in countries where winter lasts much longer. What a relief to all when winter finally decides to release its grip, spring is in the air once more and, finally, nature can re-grow, bloom and...

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