A Guide To: Shooting The Aurora

Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, Magic Spectacle or simply, whatever other names we have given to this stunning natural display. However, do we have what it takes to capture this phenomenon? Lee Pengelly leads on

'It is the season' - no not Christmas - but Aurora season, when hardy nocturnal landscape photographers seek out wild locations, standing in sub-zero temperatures waiting for that magical green swish to appear.

Shooting the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights is very exciting. Officially I am now addicted to capturing this natural phenomenon, but it is not the easiest subject, nor do you get the easiest conditions in which to shoot. Forget warm, comfortable shoots where everything slots into place; this is a test both of skill, patience, and surviving...

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    Just been in Norway shooting the Northern Lights (November 2018) – fantastic experience and some great shots. Also went to Iceland in March 2015 and got some even better photos.

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