Vision and Potential

One of the cardinal rules of landscape photography is shooting at sunrise and sunset. I’ll admit it. I love to shoot at those times. The glow the clouds give off can sometimes be unreal and spectacular. One just can’t beat those few precious minutes right before the sun rises or sets. However, in some cases, some images look best when shot an hour or two after the sun has risen.

The image that accompanies this blog posting was shot at Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, USA. Originally, landscape photographer Ian Plant inspired me with his original composition from this location. Unlike his version, I originally envisioned my image to have a sky that was completely lit with pink and orange clouds. According to the weather forecast the previous night, I thought my vision would become reality. To my disappointment, I soon realized the morning sky wasn’t going to be what I had envisioned. As I waited for the sun to appear the morning I shot this photo, I noticed there were too many clouds blocking the horizon where the sun was going to rise. I was frustrated because I really hate the feeling of coming home empty handed. In addition, I had woken up at 3:30am and drove an hour to get to this destination. For that reason I made the most of the situation and snapped a few exposures. I didn’t have anything to lose.

When I finally arrived home and started to sort and process some of the photos, I soon noticed some of the images actually looked good. I thought the multi-colored sandstone and the contrasting blue sky worked really well. I also thought I got lucky that morning because the clouds were diffusing the sun light.

Nevertheless, the finished product turned out beautiful. In my case the sky worked out brilliantly. It helps with the color tone and even the mood. One should make the most of the situation at hand. Just because what you have envisioned doesn’t turn to fruition, it shouldn’t deter what the potential could be.

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    Michael Brown on

    That's a great photo. I love the movement the curvature of the lines gives to the picture. The colors are spectacular as well. Great job.

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