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Have you created a landscape photography slideshow or timelapse video? We are here to help. Your feature will be promoted via, Facebook page, Facebook group and all our social media platforms to over 600.000 followers.

Please allow enough time for the file to upload. DO NOT close the browser before the confirmation page is displayed.

  • If you have used music for the video and they music is under copyright, do you have copyright licence?
    Note that music copyright is protected by international copyright law.

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    I’ve made a submission but can’t for the life of me, find where to submit my slideshow. So I’ve submitted the form and have included a link to the page on my website where the slideshow is

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      Your submission will need to be approved first. Then, we will let you know how to send us the video.

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      Hi Dale
      We really appreciate your contribution. However, neither video is relevant with landscape photography, we will leave the links live though.

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    Dale Scherfling on

    Inspired by many videos shown on the Landscape Photography Magazine site I made this early attempt from a series of still photos I shot in Montana and Ohio

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