New Hitech Pro Stop ND Filter Review

When Lee released the ‘Big Stopper’ in 2010, they massively underestimated how much of a demand there would be for a decent 10 stop filter.  Before the Big Stopper arrived, the only square 10 stop ND filter was the 10 stop filter from Hitech.  Unfortunately this filter had a few problems. It was very prone to flare even if you covered all around the filter.  It also was sensitive to IR which gave a hard to remove colour cast to foliage and greenery.

Fast forward 12 months and Lee cant make enough Big Stoppers to meet demand.  The glass for the filters is sourced overseas, so supplies are patchy with people having to wait quite some time before receiving their filter.


The people at Formatt-Hitech saw how much of a demand there was for this filter and decided to...

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    Joseph Wiecha on

    I purchased the big stopper and am returning it because it is not 100mm x100mm as advertised, but 99mm x 99mm. So it does not fit properly in my matte box holder.

    Tiffen and CA vision filters are actually 101 mm square, to ensure a good fit.

    The literature does not indicate it, but I would guess the lee filter is produced for a lee filter holder , unlike the pro standards of Tiffen and ca vision.

    At 199.00 (Canadian ) its also quite inferior to Tiffen. Very thin glass, flimsy pouch, and no protective cloth.

    I'll try the hi tech next.

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    buen reportage,van a ser muchos usuarios los que dedidan comprar el big stopper de hig-tech pues en tus pruebas se aprecia la calidad de este filtro,gracias a ti por darnos la informacion,saludos.

    Translation: Good article. I think many users are going to buy the “big high-tech stopper” cause we can appreciate the quality of this filter in your tests. Thank your for the information. Greetings.

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