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LPM Best POTY 2012

Hello everyone

Celebrating our first year in publication (pretty soon and before we know it), we are now announcing our first competition for Best photographer of 2012. Hopefully this will be an established competition and will run every year from now on, discovering and promoting all those talents out there.

Competition entry is FREE for all subscribers, full details can be found by following the link below or by clicking POTY in the navbar above.

LPM Best competition


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  1. deborah gillikin on

    I can not get to LPM Best photographer of the year 2012, to submit my image. I click link on nav bar and LPM best competition and continue to stay on same opening page. Please advise how to read instructions and to submit an image Thanks. Deb

    • First things first. Can you tell us if you are a subscriber? If you are, what is your username?

      Also, can you not get access from within this post or from the menu bar?

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