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Floods Follow Drought in China

Huge parts of China have been affected by some of the worst drought conditions in decades. Fishermen, farmers, and wildlife have been enduring hardships for months now. In an effort to alleviate the crisis, China's Three Gorges Dam has been discharging water to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. However, since early June, a series of torrential rainstorms has been pounding southern China, overwhelming parched farmlands and triggering some of the worst flooding since 1955.

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A farmer squats in a dried-up pool in Huangpi district of Wuhan, central China's Hubei province, photo by Zheng Feng

A fishing boat is left abandoned in the bottom of the dried-up Poyang Lake, a vast wetland turned dry by China's worst drought in decades, in Xingzi in Jiangxi Province, China. Photo by Eugene Hoshiko

Ducklings rest on pieces of floating debris from a house damaged by the floods in Sanjiangkou village, Zhejiang province, photo by Carlos Barria

Farmers pick watermelons inside a plastic tent at a flooded field in Kaihua county, Zhejiang province, photo by Lang Lang


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  1. What is happening in this great world of ours lately? I have never known such diverse weather conditions all happening at the same time in numerous places throughout the world.
    If you think about what is happening at this time it is extremely frightening & makes me think "What will be happening in 10 years from now if these phenomenons continue to devastate our world?"

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