Composition And Framing Techniques

Charles Cramer shares his techniques on photo composition and a framing trick he learned from Ansel Adams. He gives a very practical tip to improve your composition and train your eye to see more shots. Charlie Cramer's work is shown at the Ansel Adams Gallery, where he has also be teaching photography workshops for over 20 years.

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    Scot Gillespie on

    Yip, Card frame or use your hands like you would see film directors do, joining up your thumbs and forefingers.

    One thing missing from the video is the detail that squinting your eye increases the depth of field as you are narrowing the aperture – that is where the apparent increase of contrast comes from, and that aspect is as important to the idea of visualizing without a camera.

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    Such masking devices are only required now because unlike Adams, photographers do not on the whole use a large format view camera.
    When using a large format such as 8×10, you are forced to cut out all the surroundings and concentrate on what the lens sees. It may be upside down and back to front but it certainly makes you look.

    Perhaps in later years as Mr Adams began to use smaller formats he needed a mask to give him a similar effect to the view camera.

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