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Calumet under new owner

Calumet Photographic Group, the $200m photography equipment retailer with 29 retail locations and online operations in the Europe and US, has changed ownership. HS Real, a US-based holding company chaired by UK-born Colin Halpern, has bought the company in its entirety from London-based Rubicon Partners.

Rubicon Partners acquired Calumet Group 11 years ago, helping to grow its sales division into a multi-channel digital products retailer and its production division, Bowens, into a multi-national manufacturer.

Now, as part of HS Real and under Halpern’s proven stewardship, Calumet will continue to grow its retail footprint and capitalize on its recent online investment to better serve both its existing base of professionals and an expanding audience of enthusiast photographers.

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  1. Vitali Caprioni on

    I went to Calumet in SF last summer looking for screw-on filters. It felt kind of snooty in there. After searching for a while and still no one picked up on the clue that a person in their store cannot find something. I asked a guy behind the counter who was doing some paperwork. He did not even look up and just said NO. I guess pros don’t use those? My bad! I went out of my way hoping to support a local store and meet other friendly photo enthusiasts. But kind of felt like a hillbilly in Beverly Hills. Now I just stick with Adorama or Amazon.

  2. Peter Jones on

    Don’t count on anything from Halpern. HS Real is a dumping ground aside from the Domino’s shares. It was recently cited as being possibly forced into insolvency due to a mere 1.5m judgement against Halpern by some former business partners.

  3. I’m glad someone has decided to save this great group. Many of us gave up on them when they quit stocking inventory.

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