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A “New” Approach To Improve Our Landscape Photography

Pele-Leung-photography-LPM-Blog-Star-ReflectionAt some stage, most of us probably have asked or are going to ask this question - " how are we going to improve our landscape photography?". I ask myself the same question over and over again at different stages of my photography life. The common answers are usually related to better use of equipment, "seeing" techniques and shooting at prime time aka sunrise/sunset. In this digital era of photography, there is one more item to worry about - software technique!

To master all these improving factors, it certainly would take a while but at some stage, if you work hard enough, you would probably find yourself at the top of a "lower hill" of success. Of course, you could restart the same learning process again and try to find another "higher hill" of success but there is another way other than the same-wine-but-different-label approach.

Having a good photo portfolio is basically one of the most important assets for a photographer. A good photo portfolio certainly needs good photos in it but an excellent photo portfolio definitely needs more than just good photos alone. Obviously diversity is the winning key. Apart from shooting the norm, it is time to try some special landscape photography topics if you want to stand out from the crowd. In fact, it is not too hard to work out a few potential candidates if you simply look around what other landscape photographers are focusing on. Whatever subjects the majority of photographers missed but you are interested is probably the best starting point. Just to throw a few ideas as follows. They are not uncommon but certainly 90%+ of landscape photographers haven't seriously tried any of them.

  1. Night photography
  2. Extreme wide photography (360°)
  3. Extreme telephoto photography (using 400mm+ full frame)
  4. Timelapse photography

If you have more ideas, our LPM readers would certainly like to hear from you. Now over to you for your opinions.

Pele Leung


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