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Issue 23


In Conversation… Darwin Wiggett


Landscape Photography Magazine has an exclusive interview with Darwin Wiggett, one of Canada’s best landscape and nature photographers.

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A Guide To Depth of Field


A Guide To Depth of Field and hyperfocal scale and distance. Mark Bauer explains all about Depth of Field, diffraction and hyperfocal distance.

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Gear Test Pentax 645D


Larger image sensors seem to be the way forward, but is there still a place for medium format in the digital age? Keith Wilson tests this 40MP camera

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A View From Above


Trying to balance entertainment, family matters and photography sometimes can be more than a full time job. However, there is always time for photography.

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Mazar, The Oriental Mecca in North Western China


Matthias Messmer & Hsin-Mei Chuang visited Mazar in North Western China. In this article they are describing their extraordinary adventure.

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Venetian Vignette


Most people on their travels have more contact with the urban landscape. Keith Wilson stumbles across a grimy backstreet scene in Venice, here is his story.

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Blending Exposures


To blend or not to blend, the great conundrum. A sensitive subject in landscape photography, exposure blending and the beliefs of some purist photographers.

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Isle of Arran, Scotland


The magnificent Cir Mhor on the Isle of Arran in Scotland is an exceptional mountain and being on its summit for a sunrise is a breath taking experience.

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Book Review: Photographing The Elements


Book Review: Photographing The Elements by Landscape Photography Magazine readers and landscape photographers Joseph Meehan and Gary Eastwood.

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Australia, Northern Territory


In this month’s article Boris Mar will make his way through Australia’s Northern Territory, home to some of the best national parks in the world.

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The Importance of Letting Go


Photography, practised as a form of visual art, is different from photography as a representational medium. Interesting article by Guy Tal

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Perfect exposure


Photographing nature in harsh conditions can be a nightmare. Simon Watkinson shares some tips on how to dress perfectly in wet and cold conditions.

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Featured Artist • Louise Denton


Portfolio of artist, Nature and landscape photographer and Landscape Photography Magazine reader Louise Denton from Australia.

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Mountain Hares


Winter time and mountain hares are wearing their white winter coats. Mark Hamblin provides some expert advice on how to photograph those gorgeous animals.

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When The Going Gets Tough


This is a motto all landscape photographers should learn to live by. If you want to create photographs that are unique, be prepared to challenge yourself.

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A Splash of Colour


One of the best ways to add impact to an image is to have a single colour against a mainly monochrome background. David Hay explains

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