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Issue 22

Gear Test Canon 5D Mk III

Gear Test Canon 5D Mk III featured

Mark Bauer tested and reviewed on location the Canon 5D MkIII and expresses his thoughts. Is this camera good enough for landscape photography?

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The “Orton” Effect

The Orton Effect Featured

Some photographers experiment with various effects, one of them being the “Orton” effect. However, is this effect worth experimenting with?

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Rajasthan And Varanasi In India

Rajasthan and Varanasi in India featured

India is firmly grounded in world trade and economic growth, but you don’t have to travel far from the cities to find yourself emerged in traditional India.

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A Guide To Light Painting

A Guide To Light Painting featured

Light Painting is a technique that can be done in many ways and is completely experimental so there is no right or wrong way to do it. Here are some tips.

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Romancing Velvia

Romancing Velvia featured

Sunrise and sunset colours are amazingly vibrant when Velvia 50 film is used. However, is it worth still photographing with Velvia?

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Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Featured

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a wilderness area located in Nevada, USA: known commonly by nearby residents of Las Vegas as Red Rock Canyon.

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Book Review: The Landscape Photography Workshop

Book Review The Landscape Photography Workshop featured

The concept behind this book is to provide the advice and guidance received by participants on a workshop for those who can’t attend or cannot afford to go.

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Gratitude And Humility

Gratitude and Humility featured

Humility is the fertile soil for a grateful mind that beyond any technique you may own or master, is the engine of creativity and emotion in meaningful art.

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The Kimberley, Australia

The Kimberley, Australia featured

This month Boris Mar will venture through Australia’s unknown frontier: The Kimberley. A spectacular journey through Australia’s least explored areas.

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Psycho Sunrise

Psycho Sunrise Featured - Sunset - Hwange, Zimbabwe

At some point all of us have been seduced by nature and its warm light during sunrise and sunset. Kaleel ponders the reasons why we love the golden hour.

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Sanna Bay, Scotland

Sanna bay Scotland featured

The Ardnamurchan Peninsula in Scotland is worth visiting; there are some fantastic locations to be seen, but Sanna Bay definitely is its jewel in the crown.

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Experiencing The Enchantment Basin

Experiencing the Enchantment Basin featured

Lyall larches, huckleberry, mountain peaks with vivid alpenglow, and big skies with a rosy glow. Trevor Anderson has the story.

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Featured Artist: Phyllis Burchett, USA

Featured Artist • Phyllis Burchett featured

Featured Artist Portfolio of exceptional Nature and landscape photographer Phyllis Burchett from USA, reader of Landscape Photography Magazine.

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In Conversation… Nocturne

In Conversation with Nocturne featured

Landscape Photography Magazine has an exclusive interview with Nocturne, one of England’s specialist photographers on light painting.

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Worth The Wait

Worth the Wait featured

It took Ian Plant three years and seven combined days in the backcountry, to get three hours of photography within the Devil’s Island sea caves. Worth it?

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Backlit Oaks, Richmond Park

Backlit Oaks, Richmond Park featured

Some landscape locations are synonymous with a particular time of year. Keith Wilson visits an historic royal London Richmond Park in the light of autumn.

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Only Frozen Water

Only Frozen Water Fin Whale Diving, Greenland 2012 featured

Jonathan Chritchley is in East Greenland, hoping weather conditions will be favourable for photography. Was this going to be the case? Here is his story.

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