A Place To Rest Your Eyes


Your landscape pictures should be like a well-written piece of prose and the narrative should be clear, says Andy Brown

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After The Rain


Supposedly there’s no such thing as the ‘wrong’ weather for landscape photography, but certain environmental conditions are certainly preferable to others.

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Telling A Story


A photograph depicts a static, frozen instant in time. If deemed successful, it captures the ‘decisive moment’ – a definition that hints at the singular.

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Visualising Landscape


Landscape photography is often about recording a faithful rendition of a visually appealing or rewarding combination of events.

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Blot On the Landscape


Landscape photography and man made objects. Instead of dismissing man made objects, we should embrace them and photograph them as part of the landscape.

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High Contrast And Impact


To add punch to your landscape images is to embrace the power afforded by the digital darkroom, using it to produce rich shadows and striking highlights.

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Leading Lines


Successful landscape photographs often require the eye to journey through the image. Andy Brown explains the effect of leading lines within your picture.

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The Art Of Concealment


Andy Brown advises about Autumn morning landscape photography with mist and fog and what the best practices are.

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Advice Of The Month: Fresh Fields


Landscape photography advice on location research and planning in advance, as well as wisely choosing the camera gear you need to take with you.

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Free Advice: Sense Of Scale


Translating a 3D scene onto a flat image can be problematic, hence the reason why landscape photographers employ depth and perspective while shooting…

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Free Advice • Get Up Early, Stay Out Late


In landscape photography, one of the best pieces of advice is to get up early and stay out late. You will then have a chance to catch superb and soft light

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Explaining Gear Symbols


Full explanation on what photography gear symbols mean. What does canon EF-S mean? What does nikon VR mean?

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Free Advice • 10 Lightroom Keyboard Shortcuts


Ten best keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Lightroom that every landscape photographer should be aware of. They work in both Windows and Mac.

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Free Advice • Save For Web


Saving for web is a fairly simple process and yet, if you don’t know how to approach it, your images can suffer from poor image quality

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Free Advice • Focal Length Difference


Dimitri Vasileiou explains is simple terms the difference between focal length on various lenses and their effect in landscape photography

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Free Advice • Expose To The Right


What exactly does “Expose to the right” mean in Photography? For free advice and tips read the full article here on Landscape Photography Magazine

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Blurb’s Lightroom Plug-ins

Blurb’s Lightroom Plug-ins

Blurb uses Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® as their software with which photographers can create stunning photo books. This video explains how

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Free Advice • Polarising Filters


Every month we share with you valuable tips, advice and information on landscape photography. This month our advice is on Polarising filters

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Mounting Images For Display

Mounting Images For Display Featured

Step-by-step technique for creating professionally mounted photographs. We take you through the process of mounting your images to foamcore for display.

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Correct Image Colour Space For Internet Viewing

Correct Image Colour Space For Internet Viewing Featured

The standard colour space supported by all web browsers is sRGB. This video will show you how to embed the correct colour space in your pictures in software

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Free • Buying Second Hand Lenses


Things you need to know when buying a second hand lens, what to look for and what to avoid.

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Free • Hyperfocal Distance Focusing Chart


Hyperfocal distance focusing chart that will help you with accurate focusing, great depth of field and sharp landscape pictures.

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Free • Landscape Photographer’s Check List


Check list cards that will help you remember all the things you need to do and pack in your bag pack on the night before a photo shoot.

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Free • Introduction to Lightroom


A fully comprehensive and easy to follow introduction article to Lightroom. We show you how easy it is to start with Adobe Lightroom.

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