The Importance of Letting Go

Photography, practised as a form of visual art, is different from photography as a representational medium, i.e., literally re-presenting a scene as a random observer may see it. Simply to reproduce a subject as seen is also to forego the very essence of art: the creation of new experiences or interpretations of the artist’s own making.

In fact, the photographic artist’s ability to create, as in to bring something new into existence, may be hindered further by any form of preconception that might override their own judgment. These may range from unintended oversights resulting from instinct or from not spending sufficient time to craft a composition, and all the way to intentional substitution of the photographer’s own sensibilities with those of others as a result of peer pressure, the desire to conform, or the temptation to plagiarise outright the work of others.

In many cases, the way forward often is not in…

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