Beginners’ Guide To Landscape Photography

We have put together a comprehensive guide to Landscape Photography for beginners. Although these articles are inside issues 1 to 13 and can be accessed by Platinum members (only), many visitors have asked if we could add them all together in one handy eBook. We understand that it is much easier to take the eBook with you on location, it does help to refresh your memory.

We have now re-designed the look of these articles, plus we have added more information on equipment and suppliers. All hyperlinks in the eBook are in blue colour, click on them and you will be transferred to an external website. In this Guide eBook you will find articles written by our article guru Mike Bell especially for beginners in landscape photography.

Subjects we cover in this eBook are: Rule of Thirds • Exposure • Aperture Choice • Shutter Speed Choice • Filters • ISO • Tripod Choice • RAW vs JPG • White Balance • Histogram • Sensor Sizes • Advice on Choosing Lenses • Understanding Lens Diffraction • Location Shooting and Preparations • How to properly use Live View.

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Beginners’ Guide To Landscape Photography

Price £14.95 – $23.90 (currency conversion is approximate)

For saving on ipad see the instructions on our support page. 35 pages, pdf format, 6.9mb. Please note that all digital purchases are strictly non refundable.

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  1. Rob

    Sorry – my misunderstanding – In which case that makes sense thanks. The description suggested it was compiled from various other editions and so I thought it might be available as part of a subscription.

  2. Rob

    Is this guide available to Platinum subscribers as part of this membership levels ‘access to Premium content’? It appears to be a stand alone pay-only option which is odd?

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