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Using The DOF Button

“Looking through the viewfinder while pressing the depth of field button at an aperture set at f/22, a whole new world can be unfolded in front of your eyes. Rod Barbee shares his point of view”

Once we become serious about photography we need to learn a few rules of composition. First of all, the “Rule of Thirds” helps in placing the main subject in the frame, and rules about horizons help in deciding where to place an horizon. We learn also about using portrait and landscape orientation; again more rules and guidelines. They are a good place to start and can lead both to early successes and very pleasing results.

But then, after a time, something happens: composition becomes more natural; you stop thinking consciously about thirds or whether or not a subject should be central in the frame and start doing what feels right for you. For instance, you might place your subject on the edge of the frame or centre it, or you might gravitate towards certain shapes or colors just because you like the effects.

Suddenly you are developing your own style. This style may not win you any camera club awards but it will make your photography more…

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