The concept of enough

“Pursuing the ultimate in photographic quality is admirable, but do we need to keep changing our equipment to do so? David Hay shares his thoughts on this sensitive subject”

The-concept-of-enoughHow many megapixels are needed for quality pictures? How many frames per second are required to capture the best moment? What is the maximum ISO value needed in a camera? How many lenses are required for the ideal outfit?

I have been asked all of these questions, usually by people who want to justify a new purchase. They have become dissatisfied with their current equipment, usually because a new model has been introduced, and think their current equipment has become obsolete.

A camera doesn’t stop taking the same quality of photographs just because it has been replaced by a new model. Obsolescence occurs only when spares are no longer available. It isn’t necessary to change cameras every time a new model is introduced. Usually, I change cameras only every second generation when substantial improvements have been made.

When people look at my pictures they often ask how many…

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