Seven Tenths • Ocean Capture

Seven Tenths of this beautiful world we live on is made up of water. In this new series of monthly articles, Jonathan Chritchley will share his love affair and mesmerising stories with this beautiful element

“My soul is full of longing for the secrets of the sea, and the heart of the great ocean sends a thrilling pulse through me” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

As we start this series of articles, I feel there is something about me that you should know: I have an obsession; I am infatuated. But fear not; I am not possessed by something ungodly or unspeakable, or something of which I am particularly ashamed. This is a passion that you will understand whole-heartedly; one that we share, one that, over the years, has been the cause of more familial disruptions than who should be in charge of the TV remote. Naturally, I am referring to landscape photography.

This form of artistic release is not the most glamorous, I grant you. Sensible jackets, a variety of sludge-toned fleeces, ridiculous woollen hats and a selection of khaki combat trousers that would put the Territorial Army to shame.  Who knew that ‘wicking’ fabrics were so important for our continued well-being? And then there are the early mornings, the late nights, the mud and the midges. But despite it all, what could be better than…


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